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Ten reasons to choose Advanced Basement Solutions for Your Basement Waterproofing or Cellar Conversion project.

  • We Listen to our customers. The first stage in any project is to listen to our customer's needs and to design a solution based on them. We do not follow a 'one size fits all' approach.
  • Innovative Solutions to long standing Industry problems. Our founders were the first to introduce bespoke sub-floor drainage channels and sump and pump systems from the USA and the first to develop thermally insulated cavity drain membranes in 2001. Our competitors have been playing catch up ever since. Click Here to see our product brochures
  • Customer Service. -This starts as soon as we receive your enquiry. We provide our customers with an informative approach to help them make the right decisions for their project and offer a lifetime annual maintenance inspection on all the pumped systems that we install.
  • What we do - In addition to our core business of basement waterproofing we offer the complete package from full project from design to completion on cellar conversion projects. We also offer an expert witness / consultancy service to assist with disputes such as unresolved insurance claims. Click Here to see more on Cellar Conversions. Click Here to see more about Basement Waterproofing Click Here to read more about how we can help with insurance claims .
  • International presence. Our installation business is part of an international network of likeminded installers spanning the USA Canada, the UK and other European countries.
  • Level of expertise. Our founders have several decades of experience in the industry including serving several years as Technical Officer for the British Structural Waterproofing Association. Click Here to read some of the articles we have published.
  • Background in Civil Engineering.We have our roots in the civil engineering sector. Our sister companies 'Polycrete Repairs and Coatings' founded in 1990 and specialised in the repair and waterproofing of civil engineering structures and . We do not do basement waterproofing as a side-line to a woodworm and damp-proofing operation as do many of our 'competitors' in the industry.
  • We have fixed many 'failed tanking' systems previously installed by others. There have been many occasions, over the years, when we have rectified 'failed tanking systems' installed by other contractors, sometimes we have been the third or fourth contractor to tackle such a problem, but always the last. Click Here to see more on Failed Tanking.
  • Best Value for Money. Whilst we are not always the cheapest, we believe that we offer the best value for money. Our motto: 'Get it right first time' can save a small fortune in the long run. We keep our overheads extremely low we do not have a 'fully staffed office' but run everything online. Our own design materials are not labour intensive to install as well as better quality, for example see our brochure on the Therma-Dry membrane. Finally over half of the free surveys that we do turn into work so you are not having to 'pay' for several free surveys which were done for others as you might elsewhere.
  • Free site visits and advice without obligation. For qualifying projects we offer free site visits and advice on qualifying basement waterproofing and cellar conversion projects. Click Here to fill out our enquiry form.