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Convert Your Damp Cellar into Your Favourite Room!

Converting an existing disused cellar into a habitable basement area can be a very cost effective way of extending the living accommodation of any property with such potential.

Advantages of a Cellar Conversion over a loft or ground floor extension

  • Planning permission often not needed
  • Does not take up garden space.
  • Visitors do not have to pass the 'private' areas of the 1st floor to get there, important if used as home office
  • The ambience of being below ground can be quite special, especially in terms of acoustics and lighting
  • Neighbours less likely to hear noise – important for home cinema / party room!
  • Easy access to ground floor (kitchen!) as compared with a loft conversion.
  • Eliminates dampness, mould and odours from a disused cellar or crawl space from adversely affecting the rest of the house

In fact a converted cellar can be whatever you want it to be, you can make it you own special place.

If you think that now is the time to convert your old damp cellar into your favourite room .

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When planning a cellar conversion project there are several major factors to consider: -


Many old cellars were built without consideration for any future potential for use as habitable space and consequently lack sufficient headroom. Lowering the cellar floor may require underpinning of the foundations which typically adds 50% to the cost of a typical project and also invokes the party wall procedures.

Advanced Basement Solutions offer to carry out pre-contract site investigation to determine whether underpinning may be required or not. We also have innovative waterproofing systems which take up as little as 9mm of headroom which can make the difference between underpinning being required or not.

(See Therma-Dry Floor Tile System).

cellar conversion

Secondary means of Escape:

Another major consideration is the provision of a secondary means of escape. This is a requirement of the building regulations for any below grade living space and is usually provided by means of a 'light well' with an 'egress' window.

Advanced Basement solutions Ltd offer a range of innovative solutions for the provision of egress windows, natural lighting and ventilation.

cellar conversion
cellar conversion

Natural light and ventiation

Usually a secondary means of escape provides for the introduction of natural light and ventilation to the basement area. However we have developed another way which can be installed in areas where a secondary means of escape is not required (i.e already provided elsewhere or when the conversion is not for habitation). This involves the installation of a Sun-Pipe, a reflective tube which transmits natural light to the basement, with air-vents around the outside dome which collects the light.

Sun pipe for light and ventilation


At the heart of any cellar conversion project is the waterproofing system. Through the innovative design of our own waterproofing systems, Advanced Basement Solutions offers the most advanced basement waterproofing methods available and our expertise in this area will ensure that you get the most appropriate solutions for your cellar conversion project.




Adry healthy basement means a dry healthy house!