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If your cellar or basement has flooded due to an 'insurable event' we can assist you with your insurance claim - even if your insurance company has said "no" already.

It is often the case that the underlying 'insurable event' has gone undetected and the insurance company puts the failure of the 'waterproofing system' down to general deterioration– which is NOT insurable, offering to cover the costs of the 'consequential damage' only.

The key to a successful flooded basement insurance claimis to :-

  • Identify the underlying 'insurable event'
  • Demonstrate that the failure of the existing waterproofing is a 'consequence' rather than the 'cause' of the insurable event.
  • Show that the cost of an 'improved waterproofing system' can be lower than repairing or replacing the existing one - thus negate any argument for deductions in lieu of 'improvement'.

We offer an expert witness service to carry out the necessary site investigations and to produce the necessary reports and work closely with a LOSS ASSESSOR to present your case in the most favourable light.

Using this strategy we have won 100% settlements for many clients when the initial response from the insurance company has been to say "no" to replace the basement waterproofing system.

In 1998, This one bedroom flat in SE22 was destroyed by flooding only one year after a conplete refurbishment.

We demonstrated that the 'insurable event' was unseaonally high rainfall, causing the waterproofing system to fail and won a complete £32,500 settlement.

This was after the insurance company had said "no" to the claim.

Since then we have helped many clients with similar cases.

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