Anyone viewing this website and / or making an enquiry on it agrees to the following conditions: -

1.0 Definitions

1.1 For the purposes of this document the person viewing / using this website shall be known henceforth as ‘the client’.

1.2 The website, its owner and any company responding to an enquiry made on this website by the client shall be known as ‘the company’.

2.0 Information

2.1 The information given on this website is for guidance purposes only; there is no warranty express or implied as to the accuracy of the information given although every effort is made to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible. The information given is illustrative of the kind of work that is undertaken by the company and is an invitation to request a proposal and quotation on qualifying (see para 3.1 below) cellar conversion and basement waterproofing projects.

2.2 The information given on this website is not intended as a guide for DIY installation or installation by the clients own contractor.

3.0 Free surveys and quotations

3.1 These are offered for qualifying projects cellar conversion and basement waterproofing projects only which are defined as: -

  • Where the person requesting the free service is the (or one of the) purchasing decision maker(s) or is making the enquiry on behalf of such a decision maker and. Where there is a genuine cellar conversion or basement waterproofing project, i.e.one where there is an intention to undertake the project not for just information gathering purposes.
  • Where a professional specifier (eg architect, engineer, Surveyor or other designer) is putting together a scheme for a client with a genuine cellar conversion or basement waterproofing project.
  • Where a main contractor is pricing a scheme which calls for cellar conversion or basement waterproofing works.

3.2 Where a site visit is procured by a user of this website which does not fall into one of the above three categories, the person procuring such a site visit agrees to pay the company a consultancy fee calculated on the basis of £120.00/hour – including travelling time – plus 60p per mile travelled to and from the site visit unless otherwise agreed by e-mail between the client and the company to waive, reduce or limit such charges. This consultancy fee will apply in the cases of, but not limited to: -

  • Unresolved insurance claims, i.e. in the case where the insurance company has not agreed to pay for the works and the works will not go ahead without that agreement.
  • Tenants requesting a site visit where the landlord is responsible for the decision to proceed and where the landlord has not requested a site visit.
  • Where there is a dispute between the client and a third party, for example another contractor, over the cellar conversion or waterproofing issue in question
  • Where our report, verbal or written, is required for the purposes of dispute resolution, claim settlement involving a third party or for expert witness purposes.

3.3 Any advice obtained verbally or in writing is understood to be in support of a quotation provided by the company for the proposed works and shall not be used or relied upon in any other way including but not limited to: - obtaining other contractor’s pricing; using the information as a design, recommendations or specification for work carried out by the client on a DIY basis or by a third party.

4.0 Warranties and terms and conditions of contract.

4.1 Any warranty for works undertaken shall be agreed in writing by way of a specimen guarantee supplied by the company to the client before the works are commenced. No reliance shall be made on any verbal communication in this regard.

4.2 Any contract entered into between the client and the company will be subject to the terms and conditions of contract supplied with the quotation for the proposed works.

5.0 Links to third party sites

5.1 From time to time this website may contain links to other (third party) websites. The company accepts no responsibility, directly or consequentially, for the content of such other web-sites over which it has no control.

6.0 Special Offers and Vouchers.

6.1 Where a special offer or voucher is used to reduce the cost of the work and or in part payment of the works undertaken by the company as a result of the client’s enquiry on this web-site, only one special offer or voucher may be used on any one project or series of projects at the same address.

6.2 Where there are multiple projects at different addresses, each project will be eligible for any such special offer or voucher even when only one web-site enquiry has been made in relation to them.

6.3 Special offers and vouchers will usually be subject to their own terms and conditions which will be in addition to those stated here. In the event that such terms and conditions conflict with those given here, the ones stated in the special offer or voucher will take precedence.

7.0 Cookies

7.1 This website uses cookies. A description of cookies and how they are used by this web-site is given in our privacy policy. Any client making an enquiry on this website is deemed to be in agreement with the use of cookies as described in our privacy policy.